An Ode to Butternut Squash Ravioli

Mia Eriksson, Staff Writer

It seems as if everyone has forgotten about the best food the dining hall provides. This is blasphemy. It’s been too many painfully dark days since I have had the privilege to eat the butternut squash ravioli with the ginger cream sauce. And boy, I miss it. I miss strolling to the caf with child-like excitement.I don’t remember the last time I felt this sentiment, I usually check the campus dining website with unbearable dread. 

I miss the warm, inviting orange color that peeks out when I cut into the perfect, pillowy square. I long for the rich, sweet filling that is paired perfectly with the slight acidity of ginger. I pine for the richness and butteriness of the sauce that would leave me slightly nauseous as I left, due to the offensive number of raviolis I attempted to consume. Each element of the dish complements each other like a well-communicated long-term couple, a relationship where they both earnestly listen to each other without interruption. That’s exactly what this combination tastes like. It tastes like the very excellence the dining hall has the potential to recreate in other dishes.

I’ve dreamed of this pasta this semester. I used to cherish ravioli day since it didn’t come often. I scavenged for it because it’s the best vegetarian option out there. I know other people did too. Maybe not to the same extent, but there was a solidarity regarding the love of ravioli day (it goes without saying that this does not include the beef ravioli). The seldom appearance made it that much more special, almost like a holiday you plan your whole year around. I live in languish these days. The ravioli is yet to appear on the menu this semester other than Cafsgiving, and I never thought I’d want something to come back. But I do. I want the butternut squash ravioli with ginger cream sauce back. I love it dearly.