Let “Strange World” Come Out to the World


Kimberly Tyson ’26, Staff Writer

Though the latest Disney movie — “Strange World” — released in theaters at the end of November, it hasn’t received much marketing or publicity. The movie is a heartfelt, well-animated masterpiece that is definitely worth going to see.

Set in the mountain-encased world of Avalonia, “Strange World” tells the story of one family’s conflicting prerogatives of venturing into the unknown versus helping their community using resources at home. Continuing Disney and Pixar’s most recent storyline-trend, this movie focuses on intergenerational dynamics and repairing broken relationships, underlined with Disney’s trademark, ever-running currents of strong familial bonds, affectionate humor and well-developed characters.

“Strange World” is also notable for including Disney’s first openly gay main character. Though it feels like Disney’s had at least a dozen “first gay characters” at this point — which honestly is a significant issue deserving of its own article — “Strange World” surprisingly does not disappoint (in a good way). Though main character Ethan’s sexuality is not particularly central to the plot, characters discuss it explicitly throughout the movie, and it is a source of bonding and connection between Ethan and his family members. There are also a few cute interactions between Ethan and his male crush as well.

Aside from that, the other standout feature of “Strange World” is its animation. With every release, Disney’s CGI animation only gets more beautiful, and this movie is no exception. The fantastical, sprawling landscapes pop with vivid color and texture.

It’s a shame that Disney failed to market “Strange World” adequately, because it is such a milestone movie in every respect. Therefore, it is my job to do their work for them, and urge you: go see this movie. If you have little siblings, take them to see it. It is so, so good.