“80 for Brady” Review by an Eagles Fan


Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

This article was difficult to write because while I am a journalist and a film buff, I’m also an Eagles fan. However, the recent movie “80 for Brady” wasn’t bad. 

Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin were hilarious… and Tom Brady was there. During the previews when I went to go see it, I was amused when I realized I was wearing my Eagles sweatshirt, but it didn’t matter because the only people in the theater besides me and my friends were two other teenage girls. It was a great in-person movie experience with all of us laughing at the same cheesy jokes. 

At one point, an extra wearing a Dolphin’s jersey crossed the screen, to which my friend leaned over and asked, “Was that an Eagles jersey?” “No,” I replied, “Tom Brady directed this movie and wouldn’t hint at the team he lost a Superbowl to.” 

I believe both Eagles and Falcon fans can still enjoy this one, even though Atlanta is the team that loses to the Patriots in the movie. Just ignore Tom Brady himself and focus on the banter of the “80 for Brady” squad. 

Based on a true story, the plot was engaging with the help of the four leading actresses’ superb line delivery. “80 for Brady” is an interesting combination of sports, drama, romance and comedy, which made this film successful. Without the comedy, the movie would be dry and boring. 

Each lead actress played her role well: Field as the nerd, Fonda as heartthrob, Moreno as the comedic relief and Tomlin as the glue of the friend group. It’s a common misconception that women in the film industry have an expiration date, but these four strong women prove that theory wrong. Not only are these women still funny, but they’re stunning and know how to act, which is not surprising since their individual accomplishments are impressive, from roles in iconic classic films to multiple awards. The “80 for Brady” ladies delivered a memorable, amusing, heart-felt performance from beginning to happily ever after end.