A New Han and Leia Star Wars Love Story

Calling all “Star Wars” nerds! If you want something fun to read that will get you through the doldrums of the semester, you should check out “The Princess and the Scoundrel” by Beth Revis.

The book follows the story of Han Solo and Leia Organa immediately after the events of “Return of the Jedi” on their marriage and honeymoon afterwards. Though the Death Star has been destroyed and the Empire has fallen, the two of them can’t relax just yet. Aboard the space cruise ship Halcyon, they must navigate tense diplomatic situations and ultimately work to liberate their new allies from the clutches of the Empire.

The book spends a lot of time on Leia and Han’s character development, which is interesting to see, particularly regarding Leia’s emotional state and self-reconciliation after learning about her relationship to Darth Vader, and how she struggles to move forward with this new understanding of her heritage. It also discusses Han’s residual trauma post-carbon freeze, and how he tries to adjust back to normal as well.

“The Princess and the Scoundrel,” which I finished last week, was a welcome lighter read among the heavier work that I’ve had to do for class. Though the prose was typical of Young Adult novels, Beth Revis clearly has an investment in earnestly telling the stories of her characters, and has a lot of respect for the universe of “Star Wars” as a whole.

With all of the new “Star Wars” content that’s been coming out in recent years, both in print and on screen, it can be pretty overwhelming for fans both new and old. But if you enjoy the original trilogy, and want to see more of one of the most iconic romances in film history, then I think you’ll definitely enjoy this book. Happy reading!