Mermaid Players’ “Kaleidoscope” Spotlight

From the mind of Ray Bradbury, author of “Fahrenheit 451,” Dickinson’s Mermaid Players’ theater department performed “Kaleidoscope” in the Cubiculo on Feb. 24 and 25. The short play consisted of one act with six characters, all astronauts, played by Adam Lees ’26, Hadley D’Esopo ’23, Kellen Hansen ’25, Olivia Pear ’25, Thomson Falk ’26, Zach Leibman ’26 and Jessica Bajorinas ’23. The production was directed by Josie Cook ’23. 

Before the show, Cook thanked the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication during tech week. Cook revealed that she contracted COVID-19 just before their final week of rehearsal, but the team continued on to pull the show together, with Cook receiving video of their run throughs. Falk said of his first acting experience at Dickinson, “Getting to step onto stage in a completely different community and participate in a show that is like none that I have been in before was truly something to behold. Doing the show has made me realize that I am ready to continue with theater throughout the rest of my Dickinson experience.” 

With a minimal set, the emotions drove the plot as viewers followed the demise of a team of astronauts who collided with an asteroid in an exploration of the heavy topics of life and death. The low-key set helped focus attention on the actors as they delivered heartfelt and heartbreaking monologues before a tragic death. The creative use of low, blue overhead lighting and small individual spotlights, which were part of actors’ costumes and functioned as futuristic mic pieces, added to the dark, grave tone, while highlighting the details of actors’ faces. Falk said, “It was nothing short of special!” and the attentive audience seemed to agree.