Central Wedge: Fromage Frenzy

Central Wedge Cheese Shop is the new happening place for all you cheese heads, and I’m not talking about Wisconsinites. 

Freshly opened in the former location of Square Bean at 25 W High St., Central Wedge offers a wide array of local Pennsylvania cheese products, alongside regional meats, dairy, and other products. Central Wedge is conveniently located right underneath the Site, if one wishes to brave the dozen or so flights of stairs it takes to get to ground level. 

In the opinion of this reviewer, Central Wedge is one mighty fine cheesemonger. The owner has not sacrificed the seating options that made Square Bean so appealing to a college crowd, and a range of selections from pricey to budget friendly lets even the most distinguished of palates try out some great stuff. The staff is knowledgeable too, anyone asking about the offerings can expect musings about the flavor palate unique to Pennsylvania’s terroir, or the expanding collection of cheeses they expect to offer. 

I had the pleasure of spending our recent lockdown at Central Wedge, and there is no place I would have rather been. The store owner opened a fresh wheel of cheese for me, giving me a taste before I decided to buy. And knowing my situation, she provided a knife and plate for me to enjoy my quarter pound of cheese and crackers with, and enjoy I did.

The blue cheese I bought was salty and crumbly but complemented the sumac crackers wonderfully. Seated in the nice, air-conditioned shop, I was pleased to see my fellow Dickinsonians venturing into Central Wedge to see what it was all about. I was happy to share my meal with them as well, although I could have eaten it all myself (I am not too proud to admit it). 

Central Wedge is planning on expanding its offerings in the coming months, so those returning from summer vacation can have something to look forward to. In addition to grilled cheese sandwiches, heat and eat meals can be expected on their shelves come September. If any of you Red Devils have deep pockets, you can also expect classes and premade charcuterie boards to be available. Let’s hope President Jones secures a few for any donor events coming up, show them what Central Pennsylvania has to offer. 

In all seriousness, it is very refreshing to see a storefront open in Carlisle offering local products sold by a friendly, knowledgeable person. If you don’t like cheese, buy some beef sticks. If you are vegan, they sell pasta too. Gluten free? Buy some pickles! Local businesses are vital to any community, and they are especially vulnerable in their first year. So show up, and show out, buy some Munster for me. 

Central Wedge is open Wednesdays through Fridays 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. – 5 a.m.