DICKSTOCK: “Nine” Hours of Food, Music, and Fun

Arts Collective put together a day packed with music from campus bands. The intention was to have the concert, called DickStock, in the backyard of Arts Collective, extending into the neighbors’ yards, which they had permission to set up in. Of course, the weather had other plans and the mini music festival was moved inside the townhouse. 

Lady Macbeth, a freshman band consisting of Amelia D’Addieco ’26, Thea Duane ’26 and Claudia Gottridge ’26, was the first act of Set One. Their set included a mix of folk covers, indie, and grunge. The trio ended their set with “Chaise Lounge” by Wet Leg. When asked about their set, Duane said, “It was definitely a testament of comradery between the bands on campus. We had never played in an environment like that before, and the other campus bands were really supportive.” D’Addieco added, “We are really grateful to have the opportunity to showcase everything we’ve been working on this semester.” Lady Macbeth also played their original song “Project For,” which has not been released on streaming services…yet!

ZaidZen followed Lady Macbeth and ended “Set One,” and the vibes could not have been better. With the light rain and the lighting of the townhouse, original songs like “More” and unreleased fan favorite “Bite Back” really set the mood. Included in their folk/indie set were acoustic renditions of “Accidentally in Love” by the Counting Crows, and what sounded like the Melanie Martinez version of “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Unexpectedly, their cover of “Say it Ain’t So” by Weezer rocked so hard, and the duo Zuzu Black ’25 and Aiden Lefebvre 25 killed it. 

After a brief intermission for some hot dogs and burgers, August Company started off Set Two with “Basket Case” by Green Day. This got the crowd fired up, and the energy did not drop throughout the rest of their set. This band, which is partially alumni, played some rock hits as well as some originals, which can be found on any streaming service.

The final act was Green Tangerine. When asked to describe their sound, they cited a lot of seventies inspiration, but would not explicitly label anything. Green Tangerine ended the original DickStock, and then continued to play late into the night for the after-party. Green Tangerine had a great sound and kept the energy going well into the night.

If you are confused as to why the poster listed five bands, and this review only included four, that is because freshman group High Street was unable to perform. There are rumors of an “internal conflict” within the band. And while they are slotted to play at the Spring Concert to open for Boyscott and Another Michael, their paperwork has yet to be completed.

Overall, the festival was a great time and hopefully there will be more in the future. Dickinson has way too much talent not to continue an event that honors that.