Good-bye, Depot

Gloria Hwang '16, Contributing Writer

Two students enjoy themselves at the final dance at The Depot, held on Saturday, December 1.

Two students enjoy themselves at the final dance at The Depot, held on Saturday, December 1.

On Saturday, Dec. 1 at 11 p.m., the Event Advisory Board (EAB) and WDCV radio station hosted “The Last Depot as we Know it” dance. The dance was indeed the last one that will take place in the Depot, which will be demolished over winter break. The demolition will make room for an expansion to the Kline Center, planned to be completed in the summer of 2014.

Dances at the Depot have long been a weekend staple on campus. For the last dance, EAB and WDCV Radio collaborated to commemorate its influence on campus. Members of both committees started decorating and setting up at 8:45 p.m.

Decorations included balloons, paper flowers, black lights, sparkly garland trees and snowflakes.

“We wanted to have decorations from themes of past events in the Depot- black lights and snowflakes,” said Molly Joyce ’15, EAB team leader for the event.

Andrew Hill ’13, who also played music at Apollo Night and Dance for Nance, was in charge of the music.

“The Depot provided a unique space for us and had the capacity to be used by so many people,” he said. “When people are smiling and having fun listening to good music, then I am having fun, too.”

WDCV recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and wanted to help celebrate the Depot’s last dance. “We submitted a playlist that…Hill will be spinning tonight,” said Tessa Cicak ’13, co-station manager of WDCV.

There were about 75 to 100 people present throughout the night, according to Joyce.

“This being the last Depot dance did affect planning and advertising for the event- we definitely had more posters and advertising,” she said.

Next semester, EAB is planning to continue hosting events in the HUB Social Hall and Underground. The group is still making arrangements to reserve the spaces for use.

“The Depot is an open space like none other, different from ATS,” said Cicak. “I’m sure the last dance will have a great turnout, knowing how much goes on here.”

“The Depot has been a prominent place on campus and will be missed,” said Aaron Brumbaugh ’14, a DJ at WDCV.