Yearbook Costs Change

Jessica Sykes '16, Staff Writer

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Some changes have been made to the Microcosm, Dickinson’s yearbook, due to a recent budget cut and funding troubles.

“We cut the size of our book last year, going to a 152-page book,” said Joan Smedinghoff ’15, Microcosm editor-in-chief. “However, we saw that merely a smaller book wouldn’t be enough to meet our financial needs, so this year we had to take a good look at our current publisher and other alternatives to see if we could get a better service, support and prices elsewhere.”

Smedinghoff, Microcosm’s advisor Joy Verner and Assistant Vice President for Student Development and Media Fund advisor Pat Mullane decided to switch the yearbook’s publishing company to Walsworth. According to Smedinghoff, Walsworth has better design capabilities, sales support and a better price. “The seniors will have to pay for a book this year, but we are aiming to offer it at a discounted rate,” said Smedinghoff. “Nothing pricing related is set in stone yet.” The yearbooks will be priced on a sliding scale with three different purchase dates. Since the price will increase with each date, Smedinghoff hopes students will purchase their yearbooks earlier.

“We’re trying to encourage people to buy their yearbooks earlier,” she said. “Our starting price…will most likely be around $65. That means that our book will be a few more pages than last year’s and much less expensive.”

Seniors have had mixed reactions.

“Yes, I would have rather not have to pay, but it…will be a reminder to me from my time here at Dickinson,” said Blake Lawrence ’13.

Ryan Buck ’13 does not want to pay.

“I would only get one if it were free,” Buck reported.

For Jinsen Wang ’13, the price does not affect his decision.

“I would not show much interest in the yearbook regardless of payment,” Wang said.