Students Mark Inauguration Day

Janie Feldmann ’15, Staff Writer

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After spending the first months of the fall semester following the 2012 presidential campaign, Dickinson students opened their spring semester with the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. The inauguration was held on January 21, the same day that classes began for the spring semester. Students from both the College Democrats and Republicans held meetings in order to view and discuss the inauguration. Some students even traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the event.

“The trip was a perfect conclusion to the Campaign Strategies course I taught last semester,” said Brandon Lenoir, visiting instructor of political science. “During the presidential campaign, the students in my class were tasked with turning in weekly analyses of the performance of the presidential candidates. Applying the theories covered in the class, the students provided a critical assessment of each campaign. Attending the inauguration was a natural conclusion to the campaign season.”

Students who took the trip to Washington, D.C. were not the only ones paying attention to the inauguration.

Around campus, the event was broadcast in the Dining Hall, the Quarry, the HUB, Union Station and the fitness center.

“During this inauguration, American diversity was on display with the participation of Associate Justice Sotomayor swearing in Vice President Biden, and Richard Blanco as the first gay Latino inaugural poet,” noted Sophomore Class President and College Democrats member Rogelio Cerezo ’15.

“We discussed President Obama’s speech and also what we had read or heard about the inauguration,” said David Milstein ’13, president of College Republicans. “As a club, we will continue to keep informed about the biggest issues currently facing our society.  We also plan to take our annual trip to the Conservative Political Action Conference, so that we may uphold the conservative values that we find important.”

“Students at Dickinson should get engaged now more than ever,” said Cerezo. “The 2012 election was the beginning of a long journey ahead.”

Lenoir said that his students had a positive experience at the inauguration.

“The students who made the trip had a front row seat to history and the experience is one I’m sure they will talk about with friends and family for years to come,” he said. “For some of the students, it was a once in a lifetime experience!”