Facebook Group Spreads Good Will

Enrica Nicoli Aldini, Staff Writer

It’s compliments season at Dickinson.

A new page called “Dickinson Compliments” has recently appeared on Facebook to give students the opportunity to send an anonymous message of appreciation to a friend. According to the student who runs the page, who wished to be identified as “Dickinson Compliments,” students can send messages “if there is something nice [they] have to say about someone but don’t feel comfortable saying it to their face.”

“The feedback has all been really wonderful,” said Dickinson Compliments. “It makes me extremely happy to come back to my dorm and help all of these wonderful people express their anonymous compliments.”

The student came up with this idea over winter break.

“I decided to start this because I had seen it used by a school my friend goes to and I thought it was a brilliant idea,” said Dickinson Compliments.

The page didn’t take off immediately.

“I was really disheartened, but now I have a new entry almost every day,” they said.

Mical Tawney ’15 is one of the nearly 50 people who have been complimented on the page so far.

“It really brightened up my day,” she said. “I can’t help but try to figure out who wrote it because I want to say thank you in person because it was so nice!” said Tawney. She likes the idea of the compliment being anonymous, because sometimes people lose sight of how wonderful compliments can be.

“Hearing it from a ‘stranger’ in some ways really brings that concept back,” she said, “making us really think about how simply happy they can make people.”

Dickinson Compliments is indeed working to guarantee that their identity and the complimenter’s be not revealed.

“Trust me, I’m not telling anyone [who the complimenter is],” they said. “It is kind of a strange feeling knowing that me and many students I’ve never met share a kind of secret.”

Dickinson Compliments said that the way they look at people on campus has changed since they started this initiative.

“I walk around campus and see many of the people who are sending in compliments or are being complimented and I can’t help but have a positive feeling towards them,” they said.

Judging from the number of posts and likes on the page, Dickinson Compliments has received a huge response from the Dickinson community.

“It’s really good that we have this sort of thing set up, where people can only say nice things about other people,” said Megan Stelka ’15.

Dickinson Compliments encourages everyone to friend the page and send their compliments in, especially around Valentine’s Day time: “If you are too shy to say something to your crush, use Dickinson Compliments!” The website is https://www.facebook.com/dickinson.compliments.