Hail to the Junior Chief

Matthew Korb '14, Editor-in-Chief

After serving as Junior Class President for a semester, Mike Meyers ’14 stepped down from his office to go abroad for a semester. To fill the vacancy Student Senate senator Robert Spriggs ’14 was asked to step up and fill the position. 

The Dickinsonian sat down with Spriggs to discuss his plans for this semester and his thoughts on the current state of the college’s Student Senate. 

Matthew: Did you hold down a position in Student Senate before this? 

Yes. I served as a Student Senator during my sophomore year. In addition, I served as Vice President this past semester.

M: How did you end up filling the vacancy of the previous president, Mike Myers? 

There was an application sent out to the entire junior class. I thought I would make a great class president after working under Myers, so I applied. Later I was notified that I had received the job.

M: What projects and events do you have planned for this semester? 

We are working on a few events this semester – everything from a catered junior class dinner in the Social Hall to the annual Spring Carnival on Morgan field.

M: What will you do differently this semester than your successor?

After working closely with Mike Myers for the past year or so, I think that I will do my best to be half the president he was. I can’t say I will do things much differently because Myers is one of the best presidents that the class of 2014 has seen.

M: Do you have any major goals for this semester? 

One goal I have this semester is to help open communication between the students of the junior class. Instead of bombarding students with e-mails, I want to rejuvenate our class Facebook and Twitter accounts to have a more open line of communication. There people can get updates on events, give suggestions and simply communicate with those on campus and abroad. I think this is one of the most important things to tackle, especially with a significant amount of the class going/coming from abroad.

M: What are your thoughts on the current state of Student Senate?

Student Senate has been striving under President Andrew Chesley ’13 and Vice President Will Nelligan ’14. We have recently seen an increase of the number of students who have applied and shown interest for many positions in Student Senate. In addition, we have many issues that students care about on the agenda to address this semester. I am excited to see the turn around!

M: Do you have any plans to run for another position next year? 

I do plan on continuing serving on the student senate next year. However, I am not sure which position I will be interested on taking on. It’ll be a game time decision!

M: Do you have a message for the Junior Class? 

Firstly, I am very please to serve as your junior class president this semester! Please let myself or any of the other class officers know what we can do to help your Dickinson experience. Contact us via Facebook, Twitter (@Dickinson2014) or email ([email protected]) with any questions, comments or concerns. We are here for you!