A Touch of Thai Returns to Town

Michaela Shaw ’16, Contributing Writer

Amy’s Thai has changed ownership and is now called the White Elephant.

Amy’s Thai has changed ownership and is now called the White Elephant.

An old restaurant has gotten a new face on High Street in Carlisle.

Amy’s Thai was converted into White Elephant, the new Thai restaurant on High Street that opened on Thursday, Jan. 14. Amy’s Thai closed in early December, when owner Amy Fulton decided to retire after 15 years in the business. They were able to keep it in the family and Amy’s cousin Bo Chitsomkuan took over the restaurant, transforming it into White Elephant. He has owned another White Elephant restaurant in Huntingdon Valley, PA for 10 years.

Chitsomukuan remodeled the restaurant by redecorating, changing the menu and giving it a new name. The staff members see it as an upgrade, but are pleased that he didn’t change it completely.

“I don’t think he changed that much…he tried to keep [it] pretty much the same, what customers like,” remarked Fulton. While the menu is different, there is still a section called “Amy’s Favorites,” a list of items from the old menu.

“If a customer comes in…and says [they] used to like one thing from Amy [that they] don’t see in…the new menu, [they] can ask, and we can make it for [them],” said Fulton, who is still in charge of the kitchen.

According to Bo-Joy, the general manager of White Elephant, there has only been a slight difference in business since the change. Some potential customers are apprehensive to come in because it is new, but old patrons of Amy’s Thai have been eager to try White Elephant.

“Sometimes they ask…‘[Is] the menu the same?’ They don’t want it to change! But when they [try] it…they love it!” she said.
Students have been happy with their recent experiences at White Elephant.

“The portions were generous, the food was well-prepared and tasty, and the staff was attentive,” said Elizabeth Lanigan ’16.

“I think that it’s exciting that the restaurant has reopened. And now it’s even better than before,” added Kirsten Paull ’15, who ate at the restaurant both before and after the new management.

Some students, however,  felt mildly about the new restaurant.

Laura Schorfheide ’13 noted, “[The food at] White Elephant was plated better, but whenever I went it kind of had bad service.” She added, “They were comparable; if you liked Amy’s Thai, White Elephant’s pretty much the same.”

White Elephant is located at 141 W. High St. Carlisle, PA 17013. The restaurant is open between 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. between Monday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. onFriday and Saturday and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday.