Hicks Pleads Guilty

Janie Feldmann ’15, Staff Writer

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George Hicks ’13, former tax collector for the Borough of Carlisle, has recently been found guilty on two felony counts of drug possession and distribution.

On Thursday, March 7, Hicks pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing marijuana. According to an article in The Sentinel, he was put on probation and officially removed from his position.

During his junior year at Dickinson, Hicks ran unopposed for the position of Carlisle tax collector and ultimately received the position.

Hicks ran as a Democrat, according to an article in The Dickinsonian, during his bid for tax collector in 2011. As a legal resident of Carlisle and over the age of eighteen, Hicks met the criteria necessary to run for the position.

However, Hicks was arrested on August 7, 2012, on drug charges after serving one year in office.

The tax collector was caught selling over $100 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer and arrested on two felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance, explained an article in The Sentinel.

Hicks’ lawyer Karl Rominger did not reply to requests for a comment.