Bylander Takes Vice President Position

Matthew Korb ’14, Editor-in-Chief

Joyce Bylander

Joyce Bylander

Rising up the ranks after the arrival of Dickinson’s 48th college president, the new Vice President of Student Development has set her sights on improving the college community and its buildings.

Joyce Bylander, the new Vice President of Student Development, took up her new position on July 4 2013. Bylander has been at Dickinson for fifteen years, during which time she has served as Associate Dean and Dean of Students and as Special Assistant for Institutional and Diversity Initiatives within the President’s Office.

Bylander has worked previously in the administration of Bucknell University and the College of Charleston.
The Division of Student Development is a branch of the college administration that deals with student enrichment and residential programs. The group oversees the majority of campus operations, from the Department of Public Safety to the Office of Campus Life and the Dean of Students Office, among many others.

Nancy Roseman chose Bylander as part of her commitment towards re-working student activity and community on campus.

“I am really looking forward to working with Joyce to investigate life for Dickinson Students outside of class,” said President Nancy Roseman. “We’ll need to look into new spaces for student interaction and how common spaces have been turned into bedrooms [in dorms].”

Bylander is excited to take on the responsibilities after serving Dickinson for nearly two decades.

“I believe our goal is to support a vibrant, engaged, intellectually stimulating and socially appropriate residential experience,” explained Bylander. “Because students live here twenty-four seven that is requiring me to assess every aspect of our service delivery, from dining and health services to residential facilities to opportunities for students to create and enjoy community.”

As part of the new direction for Student Development, the Vice President has begun assessing the responsibilities and expectations of each staff member within the division.

“Our ongoing assessment is designed to make sure we are properly staffed but also have the right set of professionals doing the work we need to have done,” explained Bylander.

Though the change in administration and the current staff assessment has trimmed a few old faces, such as the former Assoc. Dean of Students Tim Poirier and Assistant Vice President for Student Development Pat Mullane, Bylander is looking forward to the work some of her new hires will do for Dickinson.

One of the new staff members in Student Development in particular, Rebecca Hammell, will be helping to develop Dickinson College’s recent purchase, Allison Church.
According to Bylander, Hammell will be helping to lead a committee to explore uses for Allison Hall, formerly Allison Church. Tentative plans for the church, purchased in 2012 and located in the corner of Morgan Field, involve building new offices and renovating its Great Hall to function as a social space to replace The Depot.

During her tenure as Vice President, Bylander hopes to expand the division’s involvement in student clubs and organizations, explaining that “students will see more support for clubs and organizations, Senate and other activities.”

“There are so many ways that I hope students will feel a difference in President Roseman’s tenure. One of the things she often says is that this place ought to be ‘fun for students,’” offered Bylander. “I am still discerning all that she means by that but I believe our goal is to support a vibrant, engaged, intellectually stimulating and socially appropriate residential experience.”