Class 2016 Retention Rates Hold Steady

Jessica Sykes ’16, Managing Editor

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2007-2011 Dickinson College Retention Rates

2007-2011 Dickinson College Retention Rates

Despite rumors of high drop out rates, the number of returning students in the 2016 class is normal this year, according to college Admissions.

According to the Office of Admissions, the school expects 90 percent of the 2016 class to return, a number consistent with the last four years.

Dickinson’s highest first-to-second year retention in the past ten years was 93 percent for the class of 2012, explained the Dean of Admissions Stephanie Balmer.

“I think it is a testament to what a great community Dickinson is that 90 percent of most, if not all, incoming classes return,” said Baily Blanchard ’16, who had previously believed in a high drop out rate amongst the new Sophomore class.

While the Admissions staff regrets the loss of students, it remains positive about new incoming students.

According to Balmer, this fall, there are 16 transfers. Of these 16, nine came from community colleges, some as far as California.
Balmer explained the many reasons students choose to transfer. These include “issues of ‘fit’ which are different for each person, including academic interests and majors the college does not offer. Sometimes students just ‘stop out’ for a period of time before earning their degree,” said Balmer.