Coffee & Conversation with President Roseman


President Roseman talks to a student in the Biblio during her open office hours.

The college’s 28th president, Nancy Roseman, has followed in the footsteps of her predecessors and continued the tradition of the President’s Open Office Hours.

A hallmark of the college’s 27th president, William Durden ’74, the Open Office Hour allows students and faculty the chance to speak in an informal setting with the college’s president. Criticisms, suggestions, or simply casual conversation are allowed during these open meetings.

When asked why she decided to continue the tradition of the Open Office Hours, Roseman explained that her main purpose is to get to know the students better.

Students so far have seemed receptive to the new president’s open approach to office hours.

During the previous Office Hour, held on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 2 p.m. in the library’s Biblio Café, a student spent her time with Roseman talking about the Dickinson Farm and the college’s new sustainability programs. Other students used the opportunity to talk openly about their experiences at Dickinson and their thoughts on campus life.

Roseman’s advice to students who come to her Office hours keen on talking about study difficulties and time management is to plan ahead and set your priorities. She reminds students that at Dickinson there are professors, member of the staff or the President herself who are willing to help students make the best possible choices during their time at the college.

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