DPS Enforces Bike Fee

Due to a new policy, bicyclists in the Dickinson community might have to pay $50 if they improperly park their bicycles.

“You should always hook your bicycle to a bicycle rack,” says Dolores Danser, chief of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS will impound bicycles that are locked to any structure that is not a bicycle rack, such as stair railings, or any that are parked in a way that blocks staircases or create safety hazards.

“If we cut the lock and impounded the bicycle, you would have to pay a $50 fee,” says Danser. The $50 fee is implemented by Dickinson College, not by the DPS. Though DPS is very strict about the bicycle parking, it will still consider putting warning tickets on bicycles in violation of parking policies before imposing the fine. However, DPS will not issue warning tickets for bicycles that create a safety hazard, and will instead fee the owner immediately.

According to Danser, DPS has yet to issue any such fees.

“I think it’s more deterrent so that people don’t hook them in the wrong places.”

For questions and more information about the Dickinson College bicycle policies, contact Dolores Danser at [email protected]