Farm Pizza Brings in the Dough

Farm Pizza Brings in the Dough

The evening got even hotter last Friday when the Dickinson College Farm’s new wood burning pizza oven rolled onto Britton Plaza.

Pizza on the Plaza (POP) is a new event sponsored by the College Farm with assistance from the Peddler and the Biodiesel SHOP. Farm interns and student workers served freshly baked pizzas made with local ingredients at $2.50 a slice. Red and white pizza was available, each with a different combination of certified organic tomatoes, garlic, herbs, peppers, and onions from the College Farm, as well as local cheese from Wil-Ar Farms in Newville, PA. Towards the end of the event they offered a cheese-free vegan option. The farm also sold canned goods, such as salsa, hot sauce and pickled items. Students were able to use their Dickinson declining balance or charge accounts to pay for any of the offerings.

The arrival of the pizza oven, which was purchased over the summer from a vendor in Colorado, opens up a new way for the Farm to utilize their produce, as well as continue to promote sustainable agriculture and local food on campus.

In addition to pizza, another tent run by CSE (Center for Sustainability Education) served French fries cooked in oil that would later become biodiesel fuel, and the Peddler provided plaza-goers with coffee. There was also live music by the Octals, as well as performances by other students. Loki and Regis, the new additions to the Dickinson College Dog House, also made an appearance.

Dickinson’s Sustainable Food Committee held a competition to see who could come up with the best local pizza toppings combination, and the winner will be selected by Matt Steiman and Jennifer Halpin to receive a free pizza at the next POP event.

Many students came out for the event to enjoy the offerings of food, socialization, and entertainment. Students were impressed by the high quality of the pizza, and excited about the prospect of POP becoming a recurring event.

“Domino’s will never be the same,” said Tiffany Chin ’16.

“I would pay for this on a weekly basis,” added Carolyn Helfand ’16.

If you didn’t get your fresh pizza fix this week, Pizza on the Plaza will be back three more Fridays this semester.