Concert Proceeds Without Opener

MOB exec with Timeflies before the concert

MOB exec with Timeflies before the concert

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Despite the last-minute cancellation of its opening act, the 2013 Fall Concert still managed to draw a crowd on Saturday, Nov. 23.

Since revealing the concert’s line-up on Oct. 24, Dickinson’s Multi-Organizational Board (MOB) hyped its two latest performers: rapper Chidera “Chiddy Bang” Anamege opening for the music duo Timeflies. Though only performing as the opening act, Chiddy Bang is well known for the songs “Opposite of Adults” and “Mind your Manners.” Timeflies, a band that mixes multiple genres, is known for their songs “I Choose U” and “We Can’t Stop.”

The combination of performers helped MOB organizers sell out the concert. The last thirty tickets of the 850 total, according to members of MOB, were sold just hours before the concert was scheduled to begin.

Students were disappointed, however, when the concert opened with two DJs instead of Chiddy Bang.

“Around 5:45, fifteen minutes before the concert, Chiddy’s road manager informed us that he had not gotten on his flight at [Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)] due to some security problems and would not be coming,” explained MOB Concert Chair Arden Baker ’14 in an e-mail sent to The Dickinsonian. “It was clear that the road manager had just found out this news as well and was not happy with the situation.”

The unknown delay that kept the performer on the ground came the day after a scare at LAX. On Friday, Nov. 22, a day before Chiddy Bang’s flight, a car crash outside the airport and an anonymous bomb threat forced police, still weary after the Nov. 1 shooting of a security guard, to evacuate the terminals.

According to an Associated Press story published the next day, however, the terminal was up and running on the day of the concert with no major issues.

Chiddy Bang and his manager could not be reached to comment on the unknown security problem that grounded the performer.

To fill the gap of the opening act, MOB executives brought out two DJs to perform in Chiddy Bang’s place. The two performers, one attached to Chiddy Bang and the other to Timeflies, played a few Chiddy Bang songs as well as their own selection.

After the DJs performed, Timeflies took the stage and finished the concert with their set.

“The show ended up being the same length as originally planned, just without the full set by Chiddy, unfortunately,” said Baker.

Though many were irritated over the last-minute switch of the opening act, Dickinson students tried to remain positive throughout the concert.

“I was pretty disappointed that Chiddy Bang wasn’t there, and I know a lot of other people were too because they bought their tickets to see him specifically,” said Nick Toole ’16, who attended the concert after purchasing tickets to see the rap performer. “I didn’t enjoy the concert, but I know lots of people did.”

“I was impressed by Timeflies, but also disappointed that Chiddy did not show,” said Alie Farrand ’16. “He was the reason I originally purchased my ticket.”

According to MOB Executive Chair Jillian Dunbar ’14, MOB is unable to offer refunds for tickets because they sell their tickets through an outside vendor.
For more information on upcoming concerts and events, you can follow MOB’s facebook, “Multi-Organizational Board (MOB)”