YAT Application Launches

The application for the Young Alumni Trustee (YAT) position launched on Monday, Dec. 2 and is now available in an online form for seniors graduating in May 2014.

The YAT position was created in 2011 by the Board of Trustees with the objective of incorporating younger voices and perspectives into the board and its decision making processes. Since the position was created, three Dickinson alumni have served in the young trustees position: Laura Wilson ’11, Darrell Pacheco ’12 and Andrew Chesley ’13. At any given time, there are two YAT’s serving on the board, and each serves a term of two years. Wilson was the first to complete a full term, which ended this past May.

According to Melissa Keebler, assistant chief of staff and assistant secretary to the college, an on-campus selection committee of administrators, faculty, staff and students will review applications for the YAT position. The on-campus committee will then make recommendations to the Committee on Trustees, a committee of the Board, who will then choose candidates to interview on campus.

“Once interviews are complete, the committee decides on two to three finalists to put forth to the Committee on Trustees, a committee of the Board of Trustees, that will then make the final decision on the candidate,” said Keebler. “The full board formally elects the new trustee at its Annual Meeting in early May, and then the announcement is made, as a surprise, at Commencement.”

According to the position description available on the college website, YAT’s are expected to fulfill the duties and obligations typical of any member of the Board of Trustees, which include being present at trustees meetings, service to the committee to which they are assigned and promoting the college favorable to members of the college communities and their own communities. The Board meets three times a year, typically in October, January and May, with committee meetings held periodically throughout the year as well.

“Trusteeship for Dickinson College offers to those who serve the privilege of contributing to the continuing growth and development of the college which they have made a very high service priority,” says the position description on the college website. “By accepting the responsibilities of trusteeship, the work of Young Alumni Trustees will produce an intellectual environment that will shape the careers and lives of future generations of Dickinsonians.”

The application for the YAT position is available on the President’s Page of the Dickinson College Website. To be eligible for the position, applicants must be a senior graduating by May 2014 and available to interview during the month of March. The application deadline is Monday, Feb. 3 at 11:59 p.m.