Career Center Welcomes New Report

As members of the Senior Class solidify their post-graduate plans, the Career Center encourages students to report their successes to assist with the formation of a campus resource, Life Beyond the Limestone.

Life Beyond the Limestone shares student involvement, such as what they have done at Dickinson, what types of internships they have had, how Dickinson helped them prepare, which jobs they are planning to do or graduate schools they are going to attend. According to Amity Fox ’04, associate director of the Career Center, Life Beyond the Limestone serves as a research tool for students who have not begun their own searches or are unsure how to proceed. Its success, however, depends on student-submitted reports to the Career Center.

“By telling us about your experiences, you can help to improve our programming and offerings at Dickinson and help to inspire current and future Dickinsonians,” said Fox.

Every year, nearly half of the Senior Class responds to the alumni survey that is sent one year after graduation, said Fox. In 2013, the survey sent to sophomores, juniors and seniors had a response rate of 47 percent. Although the rate was high, the Career Center knew that there were more students that had participated in internships, research projects, community service, jobs and education abroad who did not reply to the survey.

Fox also said that when the career center has knowledge of students’ summer plans, they can better inform them of professional development opportunities in their area.

“Alumni groups around the country may also hold summer activities that you could participate in; if we know where you are, we can send you details/invites to these events,” said Fox.

For more information about job and internship opportunities or to report plans to Life After the Limestone, contact Amity Fox at [email protected].