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Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer ’17

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Singer ’17


Taco night in the caf seems to be a great hit for many. Through both semesters I have always wanted to try the tacos but I was very hesitant to eat the ground beef. This time, I decided to go for it. I got the ground up beef on a soft tortilla and topped it off with some shredded cheese from the salad bar, lettuce, guacamole, and sliced olives. To my surprise the ground beef was quite tasty. There was a lot of flavor to the meat and it had a hint of spice to it. It also wasn’t too watered down, as I find taco meat to be sometimes, and the meat itself wasn’t clumped together.

When I mixed all the toppings together, the different flavors went great together. The guacamole was good – sometimes the caf serves guacamole and it’s a little frozen, which is quite unappetizing. This time, the guacamole wasn’t frozen and had a nice flavor to it. The only downside to getting a taco on a soft tortilla was that I couldn’t wrap it up. Instead I make more of a taco salad out of it. The shredded lettuce was a much better option than the regular lettuce from the salad bar, since the lettuce from the salad bar sometimes resembles leaves.

Overall, taco night in the caf was a success, and there are a lot more topping choices that could have been added to the taco, such as beans or sour cream.