College Named Top Fulbright School

Dickinson has been named a top-ten Fulbright producing school. According to Sarah McGaughey, Associate Professor of German and Fellowship Advisor, “Each year Fulbright identifies schools based on the number of students selected for Fulbright. For the current year that was a bit delayed. Out of 18 applicants from the past year, 5 won awards, which places us in the top ten. We tied for tenth as a liberal arts school, and this was the 6th year of that status.”

This success is because of Dickinson’s global focus, McGaughey believes. “At Dickinson, there is real prominence in our global programs and in multilingual instruction, which are aspects that are helpful during the application process. Students’ abroad experiences and our global-oriented faculty help create successful Fulbrights.” She added, “Regardless, it puts students in a good place.”

McGaughey has some advice for students interested in applying for a Fulbright Fellowship. “It is crucial to begin early with the application, about late April. We ask students to write throughout the summer and keep up with materials. The deadline is usually in October,” she said. Stressing the importance of collaborating with professors on campus, she added, “Part of the process includes on-campus interviews with faculty. Some students interview with faculty whose research is relevant to their application, while others talk to multilingual professors for advice about teaching and pedagogy.” She noted, “The most important factor is that as students, you have to go through the on-campus process. You can’t just apply for a grant on your own.”

According to McGaughey, the ideal research applicant will have connections abroad, and Egnlish Teaching Assistant applicants will have some teaching experience. Of the overall experience, she said, “Most students say that the long process allows them to craft a better understanding of their interests, and they can learn about what they want to do and how to convey that.”

Regardless of the award, McGaughey said, “It is a joy to work with students, and I am confident that the process is a success in itself, whatever the outcome.”