Designing Senior Week

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With five weeks left in the spring semester, seniors are preparing to celebrate their graduation.  On Sunday, March 21, the Senior Class Officers announced this year’s senior week events.  As an annual tradition, the senior week has activities ranging from a cocktail to a night at the college farm.

Allison Peterson ’15, who is one of the Senior Class Officers, described how the process of organizing the events went.  She said, “At the beginning of the year, we really studied the events chosen by the last senior class to see what worked and what didn’t.  We liked a lot of them and, while some events ended up being similar to ones held last year, we also created a couple of events that are specific to our class alone.”  Even though it took a good amount of time before the officers finally settled on this year’s activities, Peterson said that, as a whole, “the decision-making process was very smooth.”  She continued, “We had a great group of officers who worked well together and really understood what the entire senior class wanted as a whole.”

Talking about the expected success rate for senior week, Peterson stated, “I am hoping for a great turn out for these events.  More specifically I am very excited for the Carlisle Night Out.  It’ll be a great opportunity to spend some time in town and enjoy the ‘2015’ discounts every shop and restaurant is offering.”  In terms of how she believes seniors will react, Peterson was optimistic.  She said, “I think seniors will have a great time at these events.  There really is something for everyone and we as officers tried really hard to cater to the many eclectic tastes and desires.”

Peterson also shared her personal views and excitement about the week: “As a senior, I personally love these events.  I am excited to spend time with my friends and, because all of these events are so different, I know these will be a lot of fun to experience.”

Senior week will take place from Tuesday, May 12 to Sunday, May 17. Peterson had a message for the senior class: “Overall, I’m really excited for everyone to experience senior week.  I think it’ll be a blast and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think.  We had a lot of fun planning the events and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we will!”