Adirondack? AdironBACK.

Facilities Management returned 12 red Adirondack chairs to the Academic Quad Friday, Sept. 18 after fielding a number of complaints from students and faculty about their absence.

What could have possibly spurred the comeback? Director of Facilities and Management Kristen Kostecky credits Professor Crispen Sartwell, who, due to pleasant weather, wished to teach a philosophy class outside on Friday morning. Sartwell requested that Facilities move chairs to the quad.

“On Friday our grounds crew did just that,” said Kostecky.

Responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

“I was very happy to see the Adirondack chairs return to the Academic Quad,” said Professor of Philosophy Susan Feldman. “They provide a comfortable environment for outdoor teaching and discussions.”

The Academic Quad is thus refurbished with red, portable seats; go, sit and lean back with homework or headphones…after all, who knows where they will end up next?