Hoodie Allen to Headline Fall Concert

The Multi-Organization Board (MOB) announced on Tuesday, Sept. 22 that popular hip-hop artist Hoodie Allen will headline the fall concert on Friday, Nov. 6 in ATS.

Hoodie Allen is a popular hip-hop artist whose success began at the University of Pennsylvania’s Alpha Epsilon Pi Party. Hoodie Allen’s All American EP album reached the number one spot on iTunes and is known for the songs “No Interruption,” “You are Not a Robot,” “Eighteen Cool” and “No Faith in Brooklyn.” His debut album, People Keep Talking, features Ed Sheeran and Alex Wiley.

Aaron Ammerman ’16, MOB concert co-chair, said that the response to the concert choice has been “generally positive.” Allen’s concert will be the first show under MOB’s new, student-driven process for selecting concert performers.

Ammerman said that a student survey conducted by MOB in spring 2015 revealed that students “overwhelming[ly]” wanted to bring a hip-hop artist to the fall concert. Another MOB survey provided students with a list of potential artists and asked them to vote for their top choice.

“There was a lot more student input this year than in years past, and we’re trying to be more transparent [in the selection process],” Ammerman said.

MOB worked over the summer to secure Allen’s booking and announced their selection in a Dickinson Today newsletter email.

Ammerman said that the announcement was less dramatic than a typical MOB concert reveal event. Ammerman explained that such events tended to have an early die-down effect.

“We didn’t do a big reveal like we’ve done in the past,” Ammerman said. “[We think] if you hype it up too much too early, it sort of dies down. We’re hoping students will spread [word] themselves.”

This year, Ammerman has high expectations for the number of sales, citing his faith in the artist.

“We hope [the show] sells out. Based on previous artists we’ve had and how those sales went, we think it will be a really good fit. Hoodie Allen puts on a great show, I have no doubt it will be a really good experience.”

Buzz has circulated throughout the campus since the concert announcement, and students are generally favorable of the artist selection. Natalie Todoroff ’19 shared her excitement and surprise in Hoodie Allen’s appearance at Dickinson.

“I went to his concert last Halloween and it was so much fun,” Todoroff said. “I’m surprised Dickinson was able to score someone as big as Hoodie for the fall concert but hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets!”