Circle K Chapter Brings New Service Opportunity to Campus

Sarah Mazer ’19, Staff Writer

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Circle K, a collegiate international service group, has recently revived its chapter on Dickinson’s campus.

The club  has met only twice so far, but is hoping to grow its membership over the course of the semester. The leaders of the organization stress the importance of a strong set of founding members who will be able to set the standard for the organization in its future at Dickinson.

According to student leader Ashleigh Williams ’18, members can choose their own level of involvement and commitment with the group. Students who are currently involved in community service efforts can supplement their volunteer work with Circle K, and those who are not currently involved with service work can begin with Circle K.

Williams explained that students who join the organization will receive many benefits including networking opportunities from the organizations that are included in the program, knowledge surrounding world issues, leadership skills and new friendships. Dickinson students will collaborate with organization members from other colleges as well, and some members are travelling to State College, Pa. on March 5 to attend a statewide district convention. Most importantly, according to Williams, is “the intangible feeling of self-satisfaction after dedicating your time, help and efforts to contribute to the dire needs of others.”

The club is collaborating with pre-existing service organizations at Dickinson, and is working with Donna Hughes, director of the Center for Service and Spirituality.

Circle K is a part of Kiwanis International, which began in Detroit in 1915 and has since expanded throughout the world. This organization is the largest student-run service organization in the world, with over 84,000 members spanning 96 countries. The organization reaches a huge scope, with involvement at the local, district and national level and includes outreach with a variety of age groups. A few of the primary organizations that Circle K supports are UNICEF, March of Dimes and Students Team up to Fight World Hunger.

Circle K welcomes anyone who is interested to contact Williams. The club meets on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in HUB sideroom 201.