Weissman Reassigns Provost Duties

Jessica Sykes ’16, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Provost Neil Weissman, who will serve as interim president of the college effective July 1, says he does not intend to apply for the permanent president position. Weissman also reports that Associate Provost Bob Winston will replace him as interim provost .

“I currently have the best job at the college [as provost],” says Weissman, explaining why he will not seek the permanent president position. Weissman was appointed interim president following the resignation of President Nancy Roseman, which takes effect June 30.

According to Dickinson’s website, “the provost oversees the academic affairs division, which includes the associate provosts and deans of the college, the Center for Global Study and Engagement, the registrar’s office, the Trout Gallery and the Writing Center.” Weissman says he did not consider continuing his role as provost during his transition because “there’s no way I could do these two jobs.”

“It’s undoable and bad for the college, so it never occurred to me to do both,” Weissman explains. So he appointed Winston because “under normal circumstances, currently associate provost Winston stands in for the provost, that’s part of his job.”

Weissman appointed Winston to fill his position because he “has been associate provost for a good while and he has the expertise to step into the position right away.”

“I’m honored to be asked to help the college move forward during this time of transition,” says Winston about his new interim role. “I am eager to work with the faculty to help ensure that Dickinson students continue to have a rewarding educational experience.”

Weissman says that he is “not sure” whether anyone will fill in for Winston’s associate provost position. He states that the directors in academic affairs will meet on Thursday to determine “how it is that we’re going to cover the responsibilities.”

Before Weissman beings his interim presidency, he is “doing a little bit of both,” preparing for his new role and continuing to serve as provost.

When he assumes his position as interim president, Weissman says his focus will be on continuing Dickinson’s “positive movement forward.” He cites the enrollment of the largest class and the high number of applicants to the class of 2020 as an example of this “momentum.”

Weissman also explains that he will play a role in the searches for a new vice president of Advancement and executive director of the Center for Global Studies and Engagement, two positions that were vacated this year.

As provost, Weissman is already responsible for filling the CGSE position. But for the Advancement search, he explains he is “already on the search committee and will be working with its members, other elements in our community and the trustees to see if we can have a successful search.”

Weissman was not sure what continued role Roseman will have in selecting the vice president for advancement.

Interactions with students, Weissman says, will also be an important part of his role as interim president.

“I think being available for students and interacting with them is part of the job, and it’s something that I have enjoyed doing here for a long time in various roles, including as a professor,” he says.

Weissman spoke at the Student Senate meeting on Tuesday to summarize “where we are” and take questions.

“I just want the senators to know who I am and to know that I’m anxious to hear their, and frankly all student, views in general,” Weissman said.