Committee Sets Timeline for Greek Life Recommendations

Rachael Franchini ‘19, Associate News Editor

In November 2015, evaluators from the Fraternity and Sorority Coalition (FSC) came to Dickinson to perform an external review of Greek Life. Dickinson’s Blue Ribbon Committee received the results in March, and just received an update this past April.

The Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) was created to review the recommendations given to the Dickinson Greek Life system by the FSC and decide which are most appropriate to implement on campus over the next three to five years.

The committee is comprised of Enrollment and Student Life Committee (ESLC) members as well as faculty and students both involved in Greek life and not, staff and administrators. The co-chairs of the BRC are Jennifer Schafer, associate professor of mathematics and computer science, and Sherry Harper-McCombs, professor of theatre.

The external review was conducted, according to Becky Hammell, associate vice president for Student Leadership and Campus Engagement, “much like departmental reviews in academia, [meaning that] external reviews of departments or programs in Student Life allow us the opportunity to learn from colleagues about current best practices in the field and to discuss practical ways of implementing those on our campus.”

According to Hammell, the full report from the FSC is 20 pages and available for reading in the Student Life Office.  Hammell stated in an email that the report is a “work in progress,” which is why it is not being released in its current format.

“The Blue Ribbon Committee is reviewing each of the 50 plus recommendations, prioritizing them and coming up with a timeline for implementation,” Hammell said. “This process will continue into the fall 2016 semester.”

According to Schafer, the BRC has met twice during the spring 2016 semester. The BRC’s final recommendations for the Dickinson Greek Life system will then be reviewed by ESLC, who “has the final authority in matters of Greek Life on our campus.”

The update sent by FSC encourages students or any other members of the Dickinson community who have questions about the report or the process to get in touch with either co-chair, Schafer or Harper-McCombs.