SPC Adjusts for Incoming President

Kristina Rodriguez ’19, Staff Writer

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Facing President Nancy Roseman’s resignation, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has decided to delay its full strategic plan and release an interim report of its work instead. The committee plans to present this report to the Dickinson community by the end of the semester.

The approaching presidential transition has caused changes and shifts in the upcoming report from the SPC. According to an update the committee sent to the college on April 18, “We are also now mindful that a new president may bring a new perspective to Dickinson and our mission.” The upcoming interim report will create a flexible outline that may allow for input from the new president.

Helen Tackas, associate professor of international business and management and member of the SPC states, “One change from this April 18 update to the community is that the SPC’s final report is titled, ‘Report on Strategic Direction.’  It is interim in that it will serve as a bridge between Strategic Plan III and the next strategic plan the college develops under new presidential leadership.”

The goal of the next strategic plain is to “[build] on our unique strengths and our rich history to think in new ways about how we provide a useful education,” states the SPC update.

The team has been working to put together this report by looking at college resources as well as by acknowledging the challenges in order to truly “capture the extensive work that the SPC and the full college community have engaged in during the year,” according to the committee’s update.

According to Tackas, “The SPC will be sharing its final report with the faculty at the May faculty meeting this week and with the Board of Trustees when they meet this coming weekend.  Then, the report will be shared more broadly with the entire college community.”

The committee hopes this report will aid the transition and support the changes that are occurring on Dickinson’s campus. “The SPC has worked very hard throughout the year, and our hope is that this report on strategic direction will be both inspirational and useful,” says Tackas.

The update also states, “The SPC will share our Interim Report on Strategic Direction with the college community and the Board of Trustees before the end of the academic year and invite feedback.”

If Dickinsonians have any questions or feedback about the upcoming report and would like to contribute they can email the Strategic Planning Committee at [email protected]