Finanicial Literacy Platform Seeks Out Student Ambassadors

Becca Stout ’20, Staff Writer

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According to an advertisement appearing on DickinsonToday, Salt, an online financial literacy platform is looking for Student Ambassadors to help with advertisement and training.

According to Financial Aid Counselor Rebecca Schreiber-Reis, “Salt…is an online platform, through which participants engage based on their own interests and at their own pace.”

“Financial literacy programs have been most successful at other institutions when students have become involved in the planning of events,” says Schreiber-Reis. She also believes Salt could become longer lasting if students were involved with the organization and spread the word about Salt to their peers.

According to Miray Kaplangi ’18, a current Salt ambassador, there are more than ten ambassadors so far. She says she joined the organization because it teaches people about essential financial skills.

“It’s a tool everybody should know for the future,” she maintains.

In order to help students with busy schedules, Salt allows all ambassadors to volunteer based on their own individual availabilities.

Currently, the ambassadors are working on spreading the news about Salt to other students. They are responsible for hanging posters about Salt and talking about the program to friends and peers in classes, residence halls, and other clubs. Schreiber-Reis would eventually like for students to take on leadership roles within the organization, to be in charge of planning larger events, and to initiate peer discussions on budget.

Schreiber-Reis is looking for students who see the importance of financial literacy to become ambassadors. Students who want to be ambassadors should believe it to be a crucial life skill. Volunteers should also be interested in encouraging their peers to take part in Salt online and in person to understand more about financial literacy. Salt ambassadors will have opportunities to take an official training program, so they feel comfortable and confident about sharing Salt’s platform and discussing financial literacy with fellow Dickinsonians.

For more information or to express interest in becoming an ambassador, please see the Salt Ambassadors page on OrgSync or contact Schreiber-Reis at [email protected]