Republican Club Denounces Trump Comments, Maintains Support

Rachael Franchini ’19, Editor-in-Chief

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The Dickinson College Republicans “do not condone” the statements made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a 2005 leaked video, however they will continue to support his bid for the presidency.

“We remain steadfast in our belief that Secretary Clinton’s actions are far worse than comments made over a decade ago,” stated Krysti Oschal ’17, president of College Republicans. “This election should be about policy, as it is policy that will guide our nation in the coming years, and on policy there is a clear distinction between the two candidates.”

She continues:

“Secretary Clinton said it is necessary to have a public and private persona. She said that one must have a public stance that is told to the voters, and a private agenda that is intended to be implemented.  Mr. Trump is not, and has not claimed to be, perfect. However, throughout his campaign, Mr. Trump has been honest with the American people in articulating his intentions, polices and beliefs. America doesn’t need another politician bought by special interests.”

Oschal added that in 2008, President Barack Obama warned the American public that Hillary Clinton will “say anything” in order to get elected.  For these reasons of reported distrust and non-transparency of the Democratic nominee, “the Dickinson College Republicans continue to support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.”

The video, which was released by The Washington Post on Friday, Oct. 7, includes video and audio footage of Trump from 2005 while arriving on the set of “Days of Our Lives.”  In it, he brags in vulgar terms about “kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women,” according to the Washington Post article.

Many members of the Dickinson community were highly unsettled by this video.

“The sad thing is that we really shouldn’t be surprised by any of this and I am not surprised,” holds Jillian Clark ’19.  “The video simply proves to me what I have known since the beginning of the campaign: that Trump is a misogynistic, entitled person. It just disappoints me that this is what it took for many to turn against him.”

“I thought the video was extremely provocative and…unacceptable,” states Siddharth Batra ’19.  “Although I can understand how [many] Republicans will still vote for Trump because they feel like [he] is the lesser of two evils…his character is so flawed that anybody associated with him immediately becomes someone who is okay with blatant misogyny.”

“Trump has offended many people throughout this election period,” stated Legacy Watkins ’18.  “He has offended black people, Muslim and Latinx constantly. I think America has become outraged over [the video] because it [includes] white women and disrespects the survivors of sexual assault… Trump then dismisses this comment as ‘locker room talk’ [which] directly relate[s] to the ways in which white men have historically felt as though they could have what they want whenever they want.”

Other students commented on their dissatisfaction with the apology that Trump issued following the leaking of the video.

“I think what saddened me most were not the audio tapes but the poorly crafted apology he gave,” states Taylor Hunkins ’17.  “In the end, humans make mistakes but it is how we react [to] and acknowledge those mistakes that show our character.  Donald Trump’s apology was weak and provided no comfort that he truly regretted what he said.”

President of College Democrats Philip Morabito ’17 states, “I was disgusted by the remarks that Donald Trump made about women. The comments he made perpetuate rape culture, and it’s a disgrace that a candidate for president would write off such deplorable remarks as “locker room talk”. Republicans on campus and around the country need to evaluate the decision they want to make on election day, and what that decision will mean for the future of our nation.”