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First Dickinson Student Art Fair

Stephanie Czmar ’19, Staff Writer

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Dickinson hosted its first Student Art Fair in the HUB Social Hall on Saturday, February 18 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The fair, hosted by the Idea Fun and the Arts Collective, provided students an opportunity to sell their work to the attendees.

Public Relations & Marketing Director for the Idea Fund, Elizabeth Haraburda ’19, said “The Idea Fund is Dickinson’s student-led small project incubator, focusing on giving a platform to creativity and innovation on campus. This year, we were looking to expand our horizons by trying some new events and approaches.”

According to Haraburda, the only thing students had to do in order to sell their art was contact the Idea Fund. Haraburda said they “intentionally left the artists with a lot of liberty, which resulted in a broad variety of types of art at the fair.”

Items for sale varied from buttons to jewelry to knitted hats to watercolor and ink prints.

Eight students were selling their art at the fair and while Haraburda did not count the number of students who went to the fair she estimated that there were around 100 in attendance.

For a few of the artists this was their first art fair and proved to be a great opportunity to gain more experience selling their work.

Samantha Fonseca ’19 said that she had “never tried to sell [her] art before so pretty much everything was a learning experience.”

Julia Bray ’19 makes buttons and maintained that she attended because she wanted to see what people may be interested in buying.

“[I] hoped to gain a bit of insight towards what people might be interested in buying, to later open an online store.”

Amanda Haddock ’19, who makes flower crowns echoed Bray’s statements.

“[I] hoped to figure out my target audience for when I am at school and what styles and colors people are interested in here.”

Kenziah Groth-Tuft ’17, a jeweler who has participated in art fairs before, said she participated in the Student Art Fair because she “thought it would be a cool venue and a new market to explore, plus it was neat to see other artists at Dickinson and their work.”

When asked if there were plans for another Student Art Fair, Haraburda said “we definitely intend to make the Art Fair a regular event. It could be at a different time of year or location, but we would like to provide that type of platform again.”

Students wishing to get involved with Arts Collective should email [email protected] Students wishing to be involved with the Idea Fund should email [email protected] or go to

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First Dickinson Student Art Fair