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Scholar’s Reception Honors Academically Outstanding Students

An Pham ’20, Staff Writer

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Dickinson held its first Annual Celebration of Scholars Reception in the Social Hall East on Thursday afternoon on April 27.

The reception, hosted by the Office of Academic Advising, Alpha Lamba Delta and Phi Beta Kappa, was an occasion to recognize Dickinson students on their academic achievements this year, and to connect them with others who share the same academic endeavors.

Around 50 students from freshman to seniors had the chance to meet and converse.

“Even though Dickinson is a small school, it is entirely possible for a student to go through a school year without getting to know all of the outstanding students here on campus,” said Dean of Academic Advising  Damon Yarnell. “The whole point of this event is to solve this problem, to bring together the brightest students at Dickinson and hope that they can form a network of support, encouragement and friendship. Earlier this year, there was another Scholar’s Reception familiar to this, but this event is a great way to end the school year and introduce yourself to new friends.”

“This is obviously not all of Dickinson’s excellent students. It is impossible to invite every single outstanding student to the reception, but the event is an effort to recognize a part of Dickinson’s exceptional students,” said Dean Tara Fischer.

Interim president Neil Weissman spoke at the event and shared a personal story about his experience as a student. “When I was applying for graduate school, just like you guys, I also had to go through the whole application process,” he explained,  “When I was filling out the questions on my application, there was this one question that I remembered the most: ‘Tell us about yourself.’”

“Now, to enumerate the lists of achievements during my college years was easy,” continued Weissman, “but to look back on your college experience and choose the most worthy moment to share – that takes a lot of reflection, sometimes even courage, to do. I hope that one day when you have your own reflection, your college experience will be filled with incredible moments with incredible people. I am very proud of your achievements, and I beg you to always strive for the best opportunities, no matter how unattainable they seem to be. I have faith in you.”

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Scholar’s Reception Honors Academically Outstanding Students