President Margee Ensign Hosts First Open Hours

Rachael Franchini ’19, Editor-in-Chief

President Margee Ensign held her first open hours, and discussed with students building usage, changes in Title IX and the intercultural task force.

According to Ensign, about eight students came to the event, which was Monday, Oct. 2 in the Underground at 12 p.m.

“I hope there are more [students] next time,” Ensign said of the turnout, in an email to  The Dickinsonian.

She reports that a few student members of a club “asked for assistance with several issues.”

Additionally, the group discussed the new intercultural initiative, “and how that can help in discussions of race, gender [and] power…”

Other topics that were touched upon include how decisions are made about housing and different ways to build community on campus.

“I appreciated the fact that President Margee had a legitimate, thought-out response to each question and comment,” shared Morgan Bates ’18. “It was easy to tell that she not only cares, but that she is doing everything in her power to learn more about student concerns and devise strategic plans… It’s really inspiring to interact with someone with that kind of power and feel not just included, but truly valued.”

Future open hours will be held twice more during the fall 2017 semester, on Wednesday, Nov. 1 in the Quarry and Monday, Dec. 4 in the Biblio.