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Trout Gallery Hosts Gala to “Celebrate” Student Volunteer and Employee Accomplishments

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Trout Gallery Hosts Gala to “Celebrate” Student Volunteer and Employee Accomplishments

Nadia Shahab-Diaz ’21 , Staff Writer

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The Trout Gallery paired students’ knowledge of art and activities with two exhibits open during it’s annual gala on Saturday, April 14.

According to the Trout Gallery’s website, the gala was held to “[celebrate] the accomplishments of students who volunteer and work at the Trout Gallery.”

Museum Assistant Meghan Straub ’18 said that the gala’s attendees mostly included students. “It’s supposed to be a celebration of the students’ work, so our big push was to have the people who worked at the Trout Gallery to invite their friends…” Straub added that “it’s really important to appreciate when you see hard work, and I think that the Trout Gallery accomplishes a lot every year and it’s good to sort of let loose and enjoy it.”

Straub commented that attendance of the gala is pretty steady from year to year, but “I’d say that a lot of people are staying much longer than normal, and I think that everybody’s enjoying their time.”

Student awards were presented to acknowledge the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the Museum Ambassadors and Assistants who had worked at the Trout Gallery yearlong.

The gala also included various games and activities throughout the evening. Four scheduled Art Chats consisted of Dickinson students presenting the techniques and meanings behind the artists and their exhibits. An arts and crafts room downstairs allowed attendees to use a typewriter, to make their own henna designs, create their own patterns inspired by Amish quilts and to get creative with the art supplies available. A scavenger hunt with prizes for the winners allowed attendees to look for hidden objects in Lida Moser’s photography, “a photographer from the sixties who does work on the Amish, New York City and high fashion,” according to Straub.

Robby Benton ’18 believed that “the scavenger hunt was a really cool way to make us [gala attendees] look closer at the art and the arts and crafts room downstairs was really fun and it’s always fun to dress up.”

Jiana Dempsey ’18 “liked the typewriter because I do not think I’ve ever touched one before,” she said, “and that was really cool.”

The two exhibits currently on display at the Trout Gallery were open for viewing during the gala.

On the upper level was Lalla Essaydi’s work regarding interiors. According to the Trout Gallery’s website, “recently, [Essaydi] has devoted herself to photography and to explorations of the image of woman in Islamic society.” Straub said that a lot of [Essaydi’s] work is “about feminism in Middle Eastern cultures and what it means to be a Moroccan woman today compared to what it used to be in previous years.”

On the bottom level was photography by Moser. “It’s sort of just a mismatch of everything because [Moser] was so varied with her work; her inspiration was just photography itself and she really wanted to express herself through that.”

Caroline Pappalardo ’18 thought “the event was really well-planned and it’s a really nice way to get to see a lot of members of the Dickinson community, people you might not get to see on a regular basis… I [also] hadn’t gone to see the exhibits, even though I’d wanted to, so it’s a nice chance to do that at night because it’s sometimes hard to get to the Trout Gallery during the day.”

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Trout Gallery Hosts Gala to “Celebrate” Student Volunteer and Employee Accomplishments