Ghost Tours Come to Carlisle

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Ghost Tours Come to Carlisle

Shane Shuma ’22, Staff Writer

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A new tour service has opened in Carlisle, aiming to intertwine history and legend.

Timewalker Tours, founded by Jennifer Oswald and Courtney Cauthon, debuted their “Ghost Tour,” on August 24. The service offers historic and spooky tours of Carlisle and an exploration of the town’s “dark secrets,” according to Timewalker Tours’ website.

“I’ve always wanted a business in Carlisle,” stated Oswald. “I’ve always liked history, going to Williamsburg, I love to learn. Thinking about Williamsburg and Gettysburg, they have historical tours and ghost tours. When it comes to Carlisle there isn’t really anything to do, there are places to go but nothing to do. So, one night I was lying in bed and it hit me. Ghost tours!” 

Oswald and Cauthon were inspired to start the business because they reportedly saw that there were no regularly scheduled historical tours in Carlisle. Carlisle is full of history, and the pair wanted to ensure that the town’s stories were not neglected. 

Oswald and Cauthon decided to have two tours, one for the East and West sides of town. Each is one and a half hours long. Although the tours are comprehensive, Oswald and Cauthon said they still they were unable to fit a lot of information into the tours. New tours are being added to Timewalker Tours’ lineup, however. According to their website, a“Culper Spy Tour,” “Historic Tavern and Brewery Tour” and other seasonal tours are coming soon.

Oswald has a background in photography and she hopes to own a business downtown one day. She is a history buff and an adept researcher.

Cauthon has a degree in history with a minor in museum studies. She is also a seamstress and makes her own period clothing to wear while giving tours. Oswald also makes her historically-accurate colonial garb.  

In order to avoid sensationalizing ghost stories, Oswald and Cauthon rely on the accounts from people in the community. The supernatural element of their tours is secondary to the historical, however. 

According to Cauthon, “traditional museums will tell you about a certain day in history, but we want to you to live that day.” 

Both the East Side and West Side tours are described on their website. Both are walking tours and cost $11 per person. The West Side Tour includes several stories about Dickinson College. 

Information about Timewalker Tours can be found on their website at