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Concert Ticket Sales on Par

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Concert Ticket Sales on Par

Stephanie Czmar ’19, Managing Editor

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Ticket sales for MOB’s fall concert are on par with last year’s, although they have tried some new marketing strategies.

Aminé will be the main performer for the fall concert, which will be held on Friday, Nov. 9. Topez Jones will open for him.

“Ticket sales are good,” said Ginnah Etah ’19, concert chair of MOB. “There is always a period that’s maybe two weeks before the concert where they’ve gone stagnant, so that’s always a period when… we’ll start reminders. So, it’s on par with previous years.”

According to Etah MOB has sold close to 500 tickets.

“We’ve been trying more marketing online,” said Etah. “This year we really put a lot of thought into who we want to open the concert up to when it comes to advertising.” Unlike past years, MOB has more directly invited other schools like Shippensburg and Gettysburg to buy tickets for the concert.

“We’ve opened it [the concert] up to Shippensburg and Gettysburg and the surrounding areas, so we’ll see if the audience demographic is also different this year.” Etah said that there was no way for MOB “to track which groups of people are buying certain tickets.”

Etah chose Aminé because she wanted to pick someone “who has current music out just so… they’ll [attendees will] be able to sing along to some [songs] even if they can’t do that to others.” Etah said that Aminé “has really good energy [when he performs] so I’m hoping the crowd will enjoy him and he’ll be able to hype everybody up.”

Topaz Jones was selected separately by Etah to be the opener. “He popped up in my Spotify new releases and I started listening to some of his other music and I was like, ‘wow he’s really cool,’” explained Etah. “I feel like for opener there is a like more flexibility where people might not necessarily know their music but if they vibe with it, it goes well.”

MOB is not having a student opener for the concert this year; instead MOB will be playing their own playlist. “Whereas we are paying the performers, student openers have been students who ask about an opportunity to open and we don’t usually pay them and for that reason we don’t have necessarily a contract where we can monitor conduct,” said Etah. “In the past we’ve noticed student openers take more liberties with bringing all their friends back stage or just being disruptive.”

Tickets for the concert will be on sale until doors open day of the concert at 7 p.m. or until they sell out.  

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Concert Ticket Sales on Par