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MOB Hosts Second Annual Silent Disco

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MOB Hosts Second Annual Silent Disco

Anh Phuong Nguyen ‘19, Staff Writer

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About 100 students attended MOB’s unconventional disco last weekend, absent a mirror disco ball, bell-bottoms and speakers. 

“Basically, they put on headphones, listen to different types of music and dance,” said Manny Rosario, who works for the party-planning company hired by MOB to run Silent Disco. 

The event took place on Oct. 3 from 8 to 11 p.m. in the HUB Social Hall. Students used Bluetooth headphones provided at the event to listen to music, which was mixed live by a DJ. 

“It was so fun,” said Frances Youmans ’19. “It was almost just as fun taking the headphones off and seeing everyone jamming out to nothing.” 

Disco-goers could tune in to 

on their headphones. One station played the DJ’s music, and the other played pre-queued playlists featuring rap, pop, hip-hop, old-school and a mix of many other styles of music. “I am ready to make everyone happy and to have fun,” said Vianel Rosario, who works for the party-planning company, as he set-up headphones. The headphones changed color according to the station the wearer was listening to.

This year was the second Silent Disco held at Dickinson. “We asked the members in our general meeting what kind of events they would like to see and what would be fun to bring to campus, and one of those events was Silent Disco,” said Faviola Saucedo ’19, one of MOB’s weekend events chair. 

“I wish more people would have come because 

I think it was a really fun event,” said Olivia Voler ’21, another MOB weekend events chair. “The people who did come had a lot of fun.”

The crowd seemed pleased. “I am jamming with the songs right now. Look at this, we are all dancing to different music,” said Max Jacobs ’21.

“I really enjoy choosing my own song and being able to dance with my friends,” said Jessie Hayes ’22. 

“I like the different stations. You can be going to night club or throwing back to middle school songs,” says Juliet Risco ’19. 

“MOB events are always open for everyone. Everyone can just come and listen to music and have fun,” said Sachi Kurup ’19, MOB’s Special Events Chair. 

MOB hired New Jersey-based mobile entertainment company Any Excuse For A Party to set up the event.

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MOB Hosts Second Annual Silent Disco