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Title IX Presentation at Senate, Few Students Show

Jules Struck ’19, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Dickinson’s Title IX Officer Kat Matic presented an overview of the Title IX reporting process and answered questions at the Nov. 27 Student Senate meeting, which was open to all students but drew a crowd of only about six, apart from the senators. 

“The college’s top priorities are to one, stop the harassment; two, prevent its recurrence; and three, address its affects,” said Matic. She explained how students can report instances of sexual harassment, by contacting her directly, the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Carlisle Police Department (CPD) or through the online form on the Title IX page of Dickinson’s website. 

Matic explained how her office might respond to different types of reports from students to Title IX. The overwhelming message was that “it truly is case-by-case,” depending on the amount of information provided and requests from students involved. In general, Matic explained that during the reporting process, and prior to a formal decision of guilt or not, “if there is ongoing risk [for someone who reports harassment], I’m typically stepping in immediately.” 

“In most cases, the [reporting] process aims to be equitable,” said Matic, “I’m always doing risk assessment and analysis.” Matic’s slideshow from the Student Senate meeting detailing the process further is available at

Matic was invited to present by Student Senate. First-year class senator Erin Lowe said “we understand the issues that Title IX addresses are ongoing, and we’re not just going to sweep them under the rug.”

“I think everybody should know about [the Title IX process], if they should need it,” said Noel Hricz ’21, a student attendee, “And, I think they should know about it because if it’s flawed, they should say something.” 

“I thought open forum meant open forum. I thought there would be more discussion,” said Rose McAvoy ’20, who also attended. “I also wish there were more students there, because I know tons of people who are angry about the Title IX process and how ineffective it is, and I wish that it was more of a discussion that accomplished something instead of teaching a bunch of senate representatives about what the policy is,” she said.

“I don’t know why people wouldn’t show up, because I know there’s people upset about it,” McAvoy said. “Well, maybe they thought it would be like this,” a presentation instead of a discussion, responded Hricz. 

Another attendee, Ethan Rao-Cramer ’20 said “[Matic] did discuss a little bit about changes that could be made and changes that she has made, which was encouraging that there can be momentum. But it didn’t seem like momentum was her goal right now.” He said he appreciated learning more about the process. 

Junior class senator Kaliph Brown said “I definitely left a lot more informed than when I went in, and I think that was the purpose of it.” Now, “As the senators we will probably share and be more able to help,” said Brown, “if people ask us, then we will be able answer them.”

Brown said “one of the first-year class senators said that as a class they were concerned about not knowing information about Title IX… so I think that ultimately led to senate asking [Matic] to come give more information.”

Lowe said “A lot of us came in noting that this was a really important issue that we wanted to discuss and the majority of the concerns were regarding clarification on policy and things of that nature.”

“I know that we’re going to continue pursuing this because it is an important issue,” said Lowe. 

“I think we’re always looking for more people to show up to the open forums,” said Lowe. “I don’t think it’s a lack of caring, I do think people really care about this issue. I think it’s hard to get the word out and so we’re trying to do a better job at that,” said Lowe. 

Students can find more information about Title IX by emailing Kat Matic at [email protected] 

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Title IX Presentation at Senate, Few Students Show