New Tour Guides to Start this Semester

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New Tour Guides to Start this Semester

Eleanor Kaestner ’19, Staff Writer

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In the next few weeks, there will be an new group of guides leading prospective students on tours around campus. 

Students applied to become a member of the Liberty Cap Society, also known as the tour guides, during the fall 2018 semester. After interviews and a decision process by the Office of Admissions, this group of chosen tour guides began to shadow veteran guides as a way to prepare for their formal training. 

“My tour guide was crucial in my decision to come here,” said Alex Arnette ’22, a new tour guide, explained, “They did a really good job highlighting the areas that I enjoyed about the school, so I thought that I could do a good job at giving back.”

Alexandra Colby ’22, who is also a new tour guide, said, “I wanted to show how much I love Dickinson by becoming a tour guide and potentially be part of why someone else falls in love with the school. I think that my excitement for Dickinson could rub off on prospect students and show them what a great place this school is.”

During the first weekend in February, these new tour guides will go through the formal training weekend, which is the last step in learning how to give their own individual tours. Currently there are around 90 active tour guides.

Jesse Doyle ’19, the Liberty Caps Society intern, works directly with the tour guides in all their operations, including the training weekend. “I love tour guide training because it can be used as a crucial bonding time. It’s the only time during the entire year when we can get all the tour guides together in one place,” she said, “I also love the training because I genuinely enjoy learning about the college. I think Dickinson has some incredible resources and history about it that we often overlook or forget, so it reminds me of my why I love Dickinson and why I chose to come here.” 

While guides cover similar topics, such as academic buildings, housing and graduation requirements, students may also include personal stories.

The Visit Services Coordinator in the Office of Admissions, Michelle Fisher, also works closely with tour guides each day. “The tour guide role cannot be understated because they are the first impression that families have with our Dickinson students,” Fisher said.

Doyle agrees. “Tour guides are the poster children of the school and often create the lens in which prospective students and families see the college. I believe the tour is essentially what makes or breaks the decision of choosing Dickinson, so it’s important that tour guides take pride in their school while providing all the important and accurate information that makes Dickinson so great and unique.” 

“I really enjoy interacting with prospective families because I remember my admissions process very clearly and I know the effect that tour guides have on their experiences,” said Logan Cort ’22, a new tour guide. “Also, everyone that works in the admissions office and great and make our jobs super easy and fun.”

Tour guides have one two-hour shift per week and additional Open House or Saturday tours periodically throughout the semester. Students are not paid during these tours. Tours led over breaks, however, are paid. 

Fisher said “Being a tour guide helps you in any career you choose, you learn how to think on your feet and practice public speaking skills.” 

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