Flyers Warning of Sexual Predators Addressed by CPD and DPS

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Flyers Warning of Sexual Predators Addressed by CPD and DPS

Jules Struck ’19, Co-editor-in-Chief

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On Wednesday, Jan. 30, numerous flyers were found on cars near the Waidner-Spahr Library with the heading “Beware of the Hyena Pack,” which warned students of vaguely-described “sex traffickers” in Carlisle.

Students received an email the next day addressed from Chief of Public Safety Dee Danser stating “The flyers allege there is a criminal group operating in Carlisle. Carlisle Police are currently investigating this incident and are being assisted by Dickinson Public Safety.”

Carlisle Police Department Police Safety Coordinator Deb Daniel said the investigation is “still onging.” 

The flyer was dated Jan. 30 and vaguely profiled seven men, one by name, of targeting Dickinson College.

“There have been no further development on the flyers that we are aware of” as of Monday evening, said Danser in an email to The Dickinsonian. “Carlisle Police have taken on the local investigation. The flyers have reportedly been distributed in other areas of the county too, away from the college.”

“I remember similar flyers being found around campus a couple of years ago and when it was investigated at that time they determined there was no threat to campus,” said Danser, though those “were a bit different, and Carlisle Police were not able to identify who was distributing them.”

Danser said “There are a couple of different versions of the current flyer, some of which don’t mention the college. They are being distributed throughout Carlisle and in other areas of Cumberland County.”

Anyone with information that might assist the investigation can contact the Carlisle Police Department at 717-240-6940 or Dickinson Public Safety at 717-245-1349 or at [email protected] 

To see a picture of the flyer, see “Hyena Pack” on page 4.

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