Leftover Flex Points Recycled into Budget

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Staff Writer

Leftover funding from unused dining plan points, which accrues across the board for all dining options, is recycled into the Planning and Budget Committee or the general fund for the college, reports Director of Dining Services Errol Huffman.

“There’s nothing that’s going back into the Dining Services budget,” Huffman states. “They just go back into the general fund as part of the contribution from Dining Services back to the Dickinson College fund.”

Of the meal plan options available to students, which are Any 20, Flex 1, Flex 2 and Apartment Flex, Any 20 has the lowest percentage of plan usage. In fall 2018, 1,031 students chose this meal plan, meaning that the total number of meals available was 328,812. However, only 72.16% of those meals was actually purchased.

All flex-style plans are used at much higher rates, although the number of students on each of these plans is much lower: 451 students on Flex 1, 397 students on Flex 2 and 165 on Apartment Flex. All flex-style plans had overall usages of over 90%.

Students who have leftover flex balance can choose to donate them to the Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice (CS3), however leftover Any 20 points cannot be donated.