Athletes Excited over New Turf Installment on Biddle

Rachael Franchini ’19, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After 11 years of use, the turf field on Biddle Field will be replaced by new turf starting in the late spring of this year.

According to Athletic Director Joel Quattrone, Biddle Field is used by the football team as well as the men’s lacrosse team and the women’s lacrosse team. The current turf was installed in 2008 by the company Field Turf. 

“The plan is to begin the install[ation] once our competitive seasons for our spring sports are completed,” stated Quattrone. He added that the project “will be completed in plenty of time so not compromise the training needs of any of our programs,” given that the football team begins training and practices in mid-summer.

The industry standard for the warranty of a turf field is eight years, as reported by the New York Times in an article describing the correlation between turf maintenance and player injury. However, turf fields can last up to 12 years as long as it is maintained properly. 

According to Margaret Stafford, director of planning and budget from the Office of Budget, Analysis and Financial Planning, the funding for the new field is $453,000, as approved by the All-College Planning & Budget Committee. Athletes seem excited about the new turf installation.

“It feels nice as an athlete to be supported by our athletic department with upgrades to our facilities,” said Cuba Birnbaum ’21, who plays on the Dickinson College Football Team.

Phil Petrina ’20, who is also a football player at Dickinson, commented that updating the turf on Biddle Field is “much better for our athletes.”

“I think it’s exciting that they’re getting a new turf,” said Eleanor Kaestner ’19, who plays lacrosse at Dickinson. “Although I’m graduating this spring, it’s great to see Dickinson continuing to focus on our athletic programs. The new turf will really benefit all the athletes that train there.”

Chris Longo ’21 expressed approval for the usage of synthetic turf on Dickinson’s fields: “Synthetic turf eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs. Talk about sustainability!”