Students Fundraise for Relay for life

Sammi Werner ’21, Sports Editor

Dickinson’s annual Relay for Life event raised $37,790 dollars from a total of 386 participants and was a “great event that truly emphasized the caring community we have at Dickinson,” said Kacper Rzempoluch ’21, a participant who represented the track & field team.

The event is courtesy of the American Cancer Society and took place over 12 hours, beginning at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 5 and finishing the next morning at 6 a.m. Saturday, April 6. 

The event took place through the night to demonstrate that cancer never sleeps and therefore, the participants don’t either. Individuals who participated stayed for various lengths of time over the course of the night and continuously walked around the track. 

Most individuals registered for the event were a part of a team and raised high sums of money. Team Pi Beta Phi raised the most with a total of $8,987. Kappa Kappa Gamma followed behind with $6,686. Additionally, the men’s and women’s swim team came in third with a total of $5,469.

Alongside the team contributions there were many individuals who raised money on their own. Kara Dixon ’20 from Team Pi Beta Phi was the top individual contributor raising a total of $1,892. Caitlin Healy ’19 followed behind her with $1,788 and third place went to Tara Cassidy ’19 who raised $1,700; both contributors were part of Team Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Different events took place throughout the night ranging from a capella performances to musical chair competitions. Many people left the event by 12 a.m., but some teams, including the swim team, stayed until the next morning. “Staying for the duration of the event is important to remind us that we walk for a purpose and for a cure, and for those who are unable to walk,” stated Lauren Woznicki ’20, a swim team member who stayed the night.  

Head Swim Coach Paul Richards also stayed through the night. “It was a lot of fun for all who participated,” he said. “It is also important that we continue this tradition of…education and awareness on campus. Also, shout out to the relay committee for doing an excellent job,” he added.

The relay committee headed the event and ran it from start to finish in terms of planning as well as activities that took place throughout the night. 

Those involved spoke to the value of the experience of Relay for Life. Julia Seybold ’21, a member of Team Pi Beta Phi who has attended the event for the last two years, said, “it is a great opportunity for the entire campus to come together in support of a really good cause, and really make a difference in people’s lives.”