Wheel and Chain Taps 96th Class

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Wheel and Chain Taps 96th Class

Rebecca Agababian, News Editor

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Ten women were tapped for the 96th class of Wheel and Chain, Dickinson’s senior women’s honor society, in a ceremony on Sunday, April 9.

Members of the society, commonly referred to as the “Blue Hats,” are tapped “for displaying leadership and character in campus activities and for service to the college and community,” according to the Dickinson College website. Ten new members are selected by the prior year’s members each spring.

“I felt it was surreal, amazing and a very honoring opportunity. I told my anxious self if it is meant for me it will be for me,” said Shantel Hernandez ’20 in an email, who was tapped as part of the 96th class. “I’m beyond grateful.”

The Wheel and Chain society was founded in 1924 and began inducting honorary members in 1965, according to the Dickinson website. The society has since inducted over 100 honorary members.

“I was so honored to even be considered. It sounds cliché, but out of all of the rising junior women to even be considered is a big accomplishment in my eyes. When I learned that I was going to be tapped I was just so excited,” said Maya Cromwell ’20, who is currently studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. “I am so happy to get to join the 96th class of Wheel and Chain alongside some of my amazing peers, and to get the chance to learn from them.”

Hernandez, who is currently studying abroad in New Zealand, said Wheel and Chain meant “A community” to her.  “I already feel the solidarity and sisterhood with other womxn from different classes of Wheel and Chain reaching out to me,” she said.

“I cannot wait to be back in campus next semester and link with my blue hat sisters and see how we can serve for the continuance of a better Dickinson community,” Hernandez said. “In essence, this has impacted my life journey to manifest the type of ancestor I’m becoming.”