Tour Show Room Moved Back to Drayer

Lianna Brown '22, News Editor

The showroom for student tours has been moved from Adams Hall to Drayer Hall. On April 4, 2019, The Dickinsonian reported that a showroom had been created in Adams Hall due to limited availability with student rooms that tours were supposed to go through. This semester however, the showroom for student tours will be located in Drayer Hall.

Molly Boegel, director of admissions programs and services, explained that one of the biggest problems in the past was the lack of student availability with showing their rooms to tours. In the past, students would fill out their housing forms and indicate that they wanted their room to be shown on tours, and then they would relay that availability to admissions, but, that only “about 30-40% of tours had rooms to show and almost all visitors will come in with the expectations to see a residence hall, to see a room, as an important part of their visit,” said Boegel.

Boegel said that the showroom was established in Adams Hall because it was a first-year residence hall that followed the already established tour route and that “it was reasonable to expect that is what a room could look like for first years, and it was an open room.” Amanda George, director of residence life and housing said that providing a showroom for tours was important because it allowed tours “to have a room every time […] as opposed to trying to find one based on the residents’ availability.”

Explaining the reason for the change of showroom location, Boegel said that Drayer Hall was more favorable than Adams Hall because it was more accessible for visitors with mobility issues. She continued, and said that “Drayer [Hall] is that it is a more accessible space for guests, and that was a challenge with Adams [Hall], while Drayer is right on Morgan Field and has a ramp going in, which is nice.”

George explained that another reason behind the showroom location change was that admissions had put up posters of other dorms inside Drayer Hall for tours to get a better idea of what other rooms in other first-year buildings looked like, and “it helped to have that already there,” she said.

Boegel said that moving the showroom and allowing tours to go through Drayer again would not be a difficult change, as Drayer Hall residents had already agreed to the idea of having tours see the first floor of their building.George said that, overall, having a showroom will “provide a more accurate experience with visitors because they weren’t always able to see a room based on student availability.