Wellness Center Introduces No-Show Fee

Lianna Brown ‘22, News Editor

In July 2019, the Wellness Center implemented a “No Show” policy that “will result in a $15 late fee for no shows and late cancellations, except for appointments with our psychiatrist or physician, which will result in a $25 fee for all no shows and late cancellations,” according to the Wellness Center website.

Appointments must be canceled at least four hours in advance or the student will have to pay the late cancellation fee. Executive Director of the Wellness Center Donald Domenici explained that “these fees may also be charged if a student arrives more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, depending on the length and nature of the appointment.” Domenici explained that students can either pay the fee at the Wellness Center or have it charged to their student account. If a student decided to charge it to their account, it will appear as a “Wellness Center Charge” with no additional information appearing on the student’s account. 

“The purpose of this policy is to improve access to services for students. When a student does not show for an appointment or cancel in advance, it prevents our office from offering the appointment to another student who might benefit from being seen that day,” Domenici explained.

Students expressed mixed reactions about the fee. 

“I think the fee is a good thing because it holds students accountable since a limited number of hours in the day for therapists to hold appointments.” Olivia Shea ’20 said. “If people don’t show up then that takes up slots for other people that could be getting help”, Brendan Paige ’20 said. 

“I understand that the aim of having the fee is to reduce no-shows and late cancellations so students that need to get in can if an appointment opens up. But the execution was not well done, we are college students and some of us don’t need to have that extra fee there. Things happen, things come up and people aren’t always able to call ahead and cancel,” Tyler Barlow ’22 said. I am shocked that the Wellness Center charges a no show and late cancellation fee. I understand that the time could have been used to help another student and that there needs to be consequences for not showing up, but especially with a place that is helping people when they are sick I think that the wellness center of all places should be more understanding,” Caroline Strap ’22 said. 

Domenici said that the it is too early in the semester to see if the fee has reduced no shows or late cancellations.