Close Game Leads to Playoff Victory for Women’s Basketball

Kate Deutsch ’22 scores a basket in the first quarter


Jacob DeCarli ‘22 and Caroline Strapp '22

The Dickinson College women’s basketball team advanced to the semifinals of the Centennial Conference playoffs following a ten-point victory in the first playoff game. This success follows a narrow loss last year for the women’s team in the playoffs. 

Students filled the bleachers and was well-attended by other college community members. The game took place in the Kline Center gymnasium on Tuesday, Feb. 25 with a 7 p.m. tipoff. 

The Red Devils (ranked no. 4 in the conference) played against the Swarthmore College Phoenixes (ranked no. 5). The two teams were evenly matched as evidenced by the close score throughout the first quarter. The Red Devils took the lead at the beginning, but the Phoenixes caught up after only five minutes. 

As the score climbed during the first and second quarters, the two teams took turns gaining and losing two- and three-point leads. The first half ended with Swarthmore College trailing a few points behind Dickinson 25-27.

Most of the game featured players of different class years. Emily Padalino ’20, Mia Kolb ’23, Kate Montgomery ’23, Halle Maeda ’23 and Kate Deutsch ’22 played consistently through the game. 

The Phoenixes maintained a zone defense during the game, which the Red Devils fought against to score more points as exemplified by Claudia Maria ’21 who scored a three-pointer and the first basket of the second half.

The Red Devils trailed by a few points behind the Phoenixes in the third quarter. By the end of the third quarter the score stood 40-36 Swarthmore. The Red Devils caught up to the Phoenixes and trailed behind by one point entering the fourth quarter.

Entering the fifth minute of the fourth quarter, the Red Devils stole the lead with a three pointer by Mia Kolb ’23. The Red Devils continued to increase their lead in the last five minutes of the game to end ten points ahead of the Phoenixes with a final score of 59-49. 

Students shared their excitement of the game after the Red Devil’s victory. Julia Chandler ’22, president of the Dickinson College women’s club basketball team, said it was a pleasure to see the women’s team play. “They moved the ball well and their defense was airtight. It was a win well-deserved,” she said. Nhi Ly ’22 reflected on the team’s accomplishment. “Their performance was so powerful and inspiring especially when it comes to empowering younger girls to not give up on something they are passionate about.” 

Members of the Red Devil’s men team also shared positive comments of the women’s game. Jack Tierney ’22 said the win reflected the team’s strong performance this season. “I hope they keep the win streak going and chase a shot at the championship,” he said. Ryan Robinson ’22 said, “Great atmosphere. Great basketball. Great dub.” Lucas Curran ’22 said, “The playoff atmosphere was electric and the way we won proved that the future of the team is bright.”

The game’s highest scoring player, Kate Deustch ’22 spoke on behalf of the Red Devils and said, “[B]eating a team three times in a row is never easy but we fought as hard as we could the entire game and in the end that showed.”

The Red Devil’s record is 13-7 within the conference and the 16-10 overall.

The Centennial Conference semifinals will take place on Friday, Feb. 28 at Haverford College, with the tipoff to start at 6 p.m. Currently, the Haverford College women’s team is ranked no.1 in the Centennial Conference with a 15-5 conference record.